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vanFor over two decades, Convenient Heating & Cooling has proudly provided Arlington Heights residents and business owners with the highest quality heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality services. At Convenient Heating & Cooling, each of our heating and air conditioning contractors is professionally trained and licensed. We take an immense amount of pride from our work, and that pride is evident in the high quality of the services we provide.

Call us today if you have any HVAC related need in Arlington Heights. Our team can install, repair, replace, and maintain any heating, air conditioning, or indoor air quality appliance. Our courteous and polite staff would be happy to answer any questions that you may have, and we can schedule your appointment today.


Air Conditioning Installations and Repairs Focused on Comfort and Efficiency

At Convenient Heating & Cooling, our air conditioning contractors focus on providing Arlington Heights residents with the highest quality A/C service. We judge the quality of our air conditioning services on the reliability, functionality, and efficiency of the system. In other words, after we perform our air conditioning installation and repair services for you, we guarantee that you and your family will be cool and comfortable while using the least amount of energy possible. In our installation services, we provide you with expert advice as to which new air conditioner will fulfill your comfort needs in the most cost-effective fashion. During our air conditioning repair services, we have the knowledge and methods to identify and repair all problems in order to restore your A/C to peak performance.

Full Line of Customized Heating Services in Arlington Heights

Our Arlington Heights heating contractors strive to provide Arlington Heights residents with wht most customized heating services. We understand that every Arlington Heights property is different and that each local family has varied heating needs. When you hire Convenient Heating & Cooling, you can feel confident that we will maximize the benefits that your heater provides by tailoring it specifically to you and your family. Our heating experts can install, repair, maintain, and replace boilers, furnaces, and heat pumps. We guarantee that our heating services will keep your family warm and comfortable all winter long.

Arlington Heights Indoor Air Quality Solutions

In addition to our amazing heating and air conditioning services, Convenient Heating & Cooling is proud to provide Arlington Heights residents with the widest range of indoor air quality services in the local area. Because our families spend so much time within the home, the quality of your indoor air has a substantial impact on their health and well-being. Our indoor air quality experts have a wide array of services that can help improve the quality of your indoor air. We install air cleaners and air filtration systems that can remove particulate pollutants like dust, dander, chemicals, and pollen from your home. In addition, we can install a state-of-the-art UV purification system that will kill airborne organic contaminants like mold and bacteria. After our indoor air quality services, you can rest assured that your HVAC system promotes the health and comfort of your Arlington Heights family.

Arlington Heights HVAC Performance Experts

One of the best advantages of hiring professional HVAC contractors is the fact that they have the methods to ensure that your system operates at peak performance. In Arlington Heights, no HVAC contractor is more specialized than Convenient Heating & Cooling. When we conduct heating and air conditioning services, we do not focus merely on your comfort appliance, rather we repair your HVAC system as a whole to ensure that your family is as comfortable as possible. We conduct duct sealing services to promote energy efficiency. Our contractors are adept at diagnostic procedures like air flow and combustion analysis and thermal imaging. If there is a problem affecting your HVAC performance, we will find it and fix it.

Why Hire Us?

At Convenient Heating & Cooling, our heating and air conditioning contractors understand the importance of your HVAC system. You and your family rely on your HVAC system for your comfort, security, and quality of life. As such, we are honored by the fact that Arlington Heights residents have trusted us with these critical systems for over two decades. Our heating and air conditioning contractors honor that trust by treating your installation and repair services as if we are conducting them on our own home. In this way, we can guarantee that you and your family will be completely satisfied by our expertly performed HVAC services.

If you need to hire a professional heating or air conditioning contractor, call Convenient Heating & Cooling at 847-541-6490, or fill out our online request form.