HVAC Contractors Providing Exceptional Indoor Air Quality Services

For over two decades, our Arlington Heights air conditioning contractors at Convenient Heating & Cooling have provided local residents and businesses with the widest range of indoor air quality services. Because we spend so much of our time indoors, the quality of our indoor air has a substantial impact on our health and well-being. Our indoor air quality specialists can help you improve the way you HVAC system promotes your Arlington Heights family's health.

Call Convenient Heating & Cooling today for all of your indoor air quality needs. Our knowledgeable experts will assess the air quality at your Arlington Heights property and provide you with a wide range of expert solutions. Our staff is here to assist you in any way that we can, and we would be happy to schedule your appointment today.

Air Filtration Systems

Arlington Heights Air Conditioning - Air FiltrationIt is beyond dispute that clean indoor air is important to our health, but did you know that breathing cleaner air by using home air cleaners, purifiers and air filters can help you live longer? A 20-year study conducted by Harvard University & Brigham Young University concluded just that. Take control of the air you breathe indoors - invest in a quality air filtration system from Convenient Heating & Cooling today. We have top quality air filtration systems that will improve and clean the air inside your home. Call today to learn more.

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UV Air Purification

Arlington Heights UV Air PurificationAt Convenient Heating & Cooling, we carry top rated UV air purifiers for your clean air needs. Ultraviolet air treatment systems kill mold that would grow in the cool, damp interiors of your air conditioning system. UV air purifiers are also a great way to remove harmful airborne bacteria from the air that your family is breathing. This is the same technology that's long been used by water treatment facilities and in hospitals, adapted for safe, efficient home air purifiers. Our professional Arlington Heights HVAC contractors can vastly improve the quality of your indoor air by installing a UV air purifier directly into your residential HVAC system.

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Arlington Heights DehumidifiersThe benefits of our dehumidifier services are many fold. When you have excessive moisture in your home, your property and your family are at risk of suffering adverse effects. Moist air promotes the growth of mold and mildew which can damage property and cause respiratory issues. Likewise, excessive moisture can cause vulnerable personal belongings to deteriorate rapidly. If any member of your family suffers from asthma or allergies, an excessively moist environment can exacerbate these issues.

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Air Cleaners

Arlington Heights Air CleanersAt Convenient Heating & Cooling, we can vastly improve your Arlington Heights family's health and happiness by installing an air cleaner in your home. In recent years, technology has advanced to the point that these systems remove almost all of the major air pollutants. When we install a whole house air cleaner for you, your new system can remove around 99% of the particulate pollutant that flows through your HVAC system. This marked improvement in indoor air quality will result in substantial benefits to you and your Arlington Heights family.

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Home Ventilation

Arlington Heights Home VentilationTwo of the most important aspects of your HVAC system are the indoor air quality that it provides and its energy efficiency. At Convenient Heating & Cooling, our Arlington Heights HVAC specialists have the ability to provide a wide range of services that promote both of these aspects of your comfort systems. Our HVAC contractors do not only service your heaters and air conditioners, rather we resolve all problems within your home. We provide exceptional services that ensure that you have proper home ventilation. Proper home ventilation promotes the performance of your Arlington Heights air conditioner and heater.

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If you need to hire a professional HVAC contractor to conduct indoor air quality services, call Convenient Heating & Cooling at 847-541-6490, or fill out our online request form.