Infiltrometer and Blower Door Testing Services

Arlington Heights Air Conditioning Company - Infiltrometer/Blower Door TestingDo you know if there is air leaking into and out of your home from your doors? Air leaks like this can increase your heating and air conditioning costs if not addressed and will contribute to a loss of comfort, air quality, and may even causes damage to your home. If air can get in, water and even insects could also infiltrate your home.

Blower door testing is an excellent way to gauge the cracks and gaps that may be present around your doors, allowing our Arlington Heights air conditioning contractors at Convenient Heating & Cooling to easily identify the location and severity of the air leaks. We can also see how much of the heated or air conditioned air in your home gets changed out with outdoor air, which causes the need for your HVAC system to run and replace this air with whatever comfortable level you have set your thermostat to. This diagnosis will give you a clear picture of just how much energy (and money) your home is sending right out the door.

Our team of Arlington Heights HVAC technicians are experienced and skilled at operating blower door tools and will ensure that you understand the process and results generated from our testing. So if you want to see how much money you could be losing due to drafty doorways, call Convenient Heating & Cooling today to request blower door testing service.

Our Infiltrometer and Blower Door Testing Services

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  • Infiltrometer
  • Door Testing
  • Finding Air Leaks
  • Energy Audits
  • Energy Savings
  • Blower Doors
  • Air Sealing
  • Blower Testing
  • Home Inspection

Why You Should Hire Our HVAC Technicians for Blower Door Testing

Do you feel a draft coming from your doorway? Or maybe the air leak is so unnoticeable that you don't think it is affecting your heating and cooling costs. With our blower door testing services, you can know for sure and see exactly what energy savings you are losing due to a drafty door.

At Convenient Heating & Cooling, your reliable Arlington Heights HVAC company, we offer complete home comfort products and solutions. We provide whole home performance tests to establish the highest efficiency possible for your home comfort needs. Start saving money today by locating and stopping air leaks with our blower door testing service today.

If you need to hire a professional air conditioning contractor to conduct inflitrometer and blower door testing services, call Convenient Heating & Cooling at 847-541-6490, or fill out our online request form.