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"We had a power outage (series of them within 60 seconds) on Labor Day that threw our Furnace (Thermostat) into a reboot cycle that it never came back from. I called the main #, got the answering service, they paged your on call guy (Joe S, such a great guy) and he got back to me in less than the stated 45 mins (was more like 20 actually) and did his best to walk me through a few things over the phone. No luck so he came out (on a hot, wet and muggy labor day) and had us back up and “cool” again within mins. Just wanted to say that you run a great shop and I am so very happy I found you guys."

- Edward S.

"Mike from Convenient is not your regular HVAC guy, He is some kind of scientist or engineer. Nobody knows more about HVAC systems than Mike. I had about 8 companies come out to sell me a new box (the same exact one i had before) without even looking into my duct work issues. Mike came in to my home with all sorts of measuring tools and diagnosed all the real issues with my entire system. My ducts were leaking, my returns were to too small causing excessive negative pressure, and my current furnace was 2 -3 times too large for my home. For 22 years I have been running a totally inefficient system. In 2 days, for a very reasonable price, Mike and his amazing techs installed a new furnace, sealed my ducts, resized my returns to exact specifications,and dialed in every vent in my house even adjusting temps and humidity to my liking in each room. I now have a super efficient, very quiet, and super teched out HVAC system that keeps me comfortable in every r oom in my home every minute of the day. He even came back out to make a few adjustments after everything settled in just to make sure I was satisfied. He will be my "go to" for all maintenance, repairs, and replacements, as long as i live here or within his service area. Dont go anywhere else."


- Ken W., on Feb 15, 2015

"I have been doing business with Convenient for over 20 years. They have always been responsive to any problems that came up. The last time they had a guy out the next morning at 7:30. In my old home, the regular maintenance that they did on the AC and furnace kept them going and in good shape. The furnace was over 20 years old when I moved and the new owners had to do nothing to it. After I moved I called them again to service my AC and furnace. I knew they were both in bad shape and I would eventually have to replace them. However, with the Spring maintenance check of the AC it was discovered that there was a "catastrophic failure". The prior owner had put a band aid on the unit so it would work until it sold. Lucky me. Anyway, Convenient gave me a good deal and fast and efficient service. I now have a cool home for the summer. Oh, and I almost forgot, they installed my new water heater also. All around, I think this company is one of the best. "


- Katie B., on Aug 3, 2015

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the major work you did on my HVAC system. Since the work was done, I've had two billing cycles on gas, and each month has been $200 LESS than the comparable period last year. Even better, the house has been warmer and more comfortable. As a bonus, I just got my electric bill where I have consistently been in the lowest (worst) 1% of users and that bill showed utilization was down 47% from the comparable period last year.I am THRILLED and highly recommend you folks, even tho I know it was like pulling teeth to get me to implement the solutions you thought were right!"


- Christine D., on Aug 2, 2015

"Please accept our thanks for the work Doug completed this past Monday. The new backflow preventer valve has eliminated the leakage, and although an 80+ degree ambient temperature made it a poor day for testing the pump installation, the baseboard units did heat up very fast, and the supply and return temperatures were similar. I'm hopeful that this modification will resolve the heat issue in the master bath

Thank you for helping keep us comfortable during the last 21 years. I'll be phoning your office in late August to schedule the annual check-ups for our HVAC systems"


- Jim P., on July 8, 2015

"So glad we found you. From the superior techs, to the top of the line systems, and the awesome customer service, you guys rock! We know that we are in good hands--and with this crazy weather, it was clearly incredible timing. The HVAC has been in since late November and our bills are down and our energy efficiency is way up (statements coming from gas and electric show we far surpass the closest 100 neighbors in efficiency)! Thanks to all of you! Now let's hope we can start using the new AC SOON!!!!"

- Kathryn B. on March 2014

"I called a number of HVAC contractors when i discovered both our furnaces had reached end of life and the central air conditioners were becoming an annual reliability headache. Mike, the owner, priced the job and explained the bid and work requirements, in person. Although not the cheapest, the technology Convenient Heating uses, their reputation, and their pledge that they would remain engaged until we were satisfied convinced me they were best for our job - complete replacement of two furnaces, humidifiers and air conditioners. Their experience and technology also identified and rectified numerous sources of air leaks and negative air flows in our twenty year old home. After nine years in our house, this is the first winter in which we are comfortable with the warmth in every room. There are no longer inexplicable cold zones or wide variance in temperature from one end of the house to another. Fingers crossed, thus far we've had fewer days missed from school with colds too. And as promised, they've followed up with exceptional customer service on two occasions, both times with the same care and professionalism they would give their own home. I'd highly recommend them to any homeowner looking to solve a routine or more vexing heating or air conditioning need. Very experienced, neighborly approach. Friendly office management. Top tier client care." 

- Gary W. on January 2nd , 2014

"My husband and I would like to thank you for taking care of our problem with the hot water heater in such a timely fashion. We appreciate the service and commitment you and everyone associated with your company have to your customers." 

- Camille K. on September 5, 2012

"We want you to know how very pleased we are with the quality of service your company provides. From the very beginning, we felt that you were different, experienced, straightforward and trustworthy. Out of four contractor's estimates, you were the only one who promised and delivered a new high efficiency system that vented through the roof. The job began promptly as scheduled with Frank, (Mike) and especially Doug working hard to create high efficiency where there was previously only high maintenance costs and ineffectiveness we're especially appreciative that all four of you were always aware and cautious that our cats wouldn't escape during all the commotion. Then, just as icing is to cake, Erica went above and beyond by completing the forms necessary for us to apply for the Nicor and ComEd rebates. From start to finish, conducting business with Convenient Heating Cooling is literally a no-brainer for the customer. We're proud to support Buffalo Grove's businesses, and have already recommended Convenient Heating and Cooling to others because of our satisfaction with your service. We look forward to do business with you and your company for a many years to come." 

- Barbara & Steve S. on May 11, 2013

"We recently had a new furnace and A/C unit installed in our condominium in Chicago and found Convenient Heating and cooling to be competitive and very professional in both their proposal and installation. I was most impressed by their ability to test and “balance” our condominium to insure an even flow of air throughout the entire home; this has made a huge difference thus far this winter.

The installation team was very professional, clean, polite and very knowledgeable and honest when asked questions about the system. We did face a couple of manufacturing hurdles and Convenient Heating and Cooling stepped up to the plate and addressed the issues without question and in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to install a new system in their home."

- Gerard P. on January 7, 2011

"I just want to thank you for taking care of the furnace while I was traveling. It was great to come home to a warm house. Thank you so much for being competitive and straight forward. I really appreciate your service and will be glad to give a reference any chance I can. Thanks." 

- Terri M. on March 6, 2005

"I just felt like sending you a little note to tell you how happy I am with my new system. The workmanship and clean up was tops. Thank you again, Satisfied customer." 

- Greta E. on June 12, 2013

"Just a note to thank you so very much for being there for me during the installation of my boiler and air conditioner. You have always been very thoughtful and sensitive to my needs and very accommodating. I want you to know how much this has meant to me and how much I appreciated it. I also want to tell you that you have a wonderful staff. I would recommend your team your team to anyone and would know that they would only receive the best workmanship, but that they would also be treated with kindness, integrity, and respect. You guys are the best!" 

- Gloria V.

"I really appreciate all of your diligent but frustrating efforts to get the sunroom fireplace working."

- Ray L. on December 3, 2012

"I want to thank you for the excellent service you and your company gave me on Thanksgiving Day when my heat went out. Your prompt response and follow through for the replacement part certainly saved the day. I could have been a disaster, I'm sorry that you personally had to get involved, but that was part of what made the whole thing work. Thanks again." 

- Bob M. on December 12, 2002

"This picture is how I have felt after you repaired my A/C. It has been cool and comfortable! Thank you so much for making the huge effort of coming all the way here to get me into the cool air. I have been much more productive packing up for the move. Again, thank you so much- My kitties also say thanks!"

- Joanne on June 15, 2004

"Let's hope this takes care of me for awhile. Thanks for your promptness - Mike's too! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and a great Christmas holiday season. And- where did this year go??"

- Mary S. on November 3, 2002

"Thanks a lot for the great service." 

- Jim J. on January 1, 2003

"Wishing all of you a healthy new year. Thanks for the prompt service."

- Marshall P. & Family on February 18, 2003

"My wife and I are very pleased with all the work that you and your crew did for us, which went well beyond just "swapping out" and old a/c unit for a new one. Your analysis, recommendations and upgrades have produced a remarkable improvement in our whole house air conditioning, just as you assured it would.

Our new Lennox air conditioning system has performed to our complete satisfaction during the recent hot weather, in which we have had temps. in the 90s, and the system is quiet as well. In fact, just as you predicted, it is far more effective than the previous unit, and at the lower tonnage that your analysis and experience indicated would be quite ample for the size of our house. Plus, we're looking forward to the added benefit of lower electric bills throughout the summer months.

We also realize now that the ductwork restoration and replacement that you did for us was a very good investment. As I told you, we were taking your recommendations on fait, since it was difficult for us to understand the results of your testing and analysis, i.e. System Performance Verification, Proportional Balancing, and Combustion & Draft Analysis. But it is clear that the improved ducktwork has contributed significantly to the better-balanced and distributed air flow in the house, including, as you assured us, our second floor is now as cool and comfortable as the rest of the house, which it never was in the past.

Mike, you consistently demonstrated a high level of integrity and professionalism in working with us, and you clearly had our best interests at heart. You are obviously very knowledgeable and experienced in the HVAC field. The testing and restoration and installation that you and your crew did was high quality workmanship, and your pricing was fair and competitive - particularly for the excellent value we received. We are pleased to recommend Convenient Heating and Cooling without reservation. Thank you for a good job well done!" 

- Ron B. on June 9, 2011

"Just a note to let you know how appreciative we were of your excellent service regarding our air conditioning system. I am sure that your telephones have been ringing "of the hook" during this extended hot spell we have been having. On two separate occassions over a 24 hour period it was necessary to have service people come out to our house to identify and correct a problem with part of our system. Your staff in the office, as well as the technicians, responded professionally and promptly - and the problem was corrected. Once again we have a cool house! Thanks for your continued good service. I am pleased to recommend your company to clients and friends." 

- Jean F., on July 2, 2002

"We just wanted to let you know we are pleased with the new heating/air conditioning system and appreciate the detail and quality of both the design and installation. The whole job was done in a super professional manner. It was a pleasure doing business with your company!" 

- Marion K. on October 17, 2002

"Just a quick note to express my thanks to your employees, Dave and Tony, for the great work completed when installing our new air conditioning system, humidifier, air cleaner, and chimney liner. They did great work and were wonderful. I also appreciate the extra time you took in explaining the different systems and the load needed for our sized home. Our neighbor, Sue, is already giving you a call and I will certainly recommend you to others." 

- Lisa M. on June 13, 2003

"I want to commend the efforts of Craig and Paul during the installation. They worked steadily and carefully. They made certain that traffic paths were covered with drop cloths and did a daily clean up. Any movement off the drop cloths was with boots off. Craig appeared to approach the piping and control wiring with a deliberate plan that looked several steps ahead and all but eliminated wasted motion and "do overs." He took special care with the solder joints. The result is a very neat installation that I expect will be reliable and easily maintained." 

- Jim P. on September 26, 2010

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